Predicting stat leaders for the San Antonio Spurs next season

With less than a month before training camp begins, who has the best chance of leading the San Antonio Spurs in each statistical category?
San Antonio Spurs v Brooklyn Nets
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Rebounds Per Game: Victor Wembanyama

This is the most straightforward prediction in the history of predictions. It would be similar to predicting a hot summer in Texas and a cold winter in North Dakota. Victor Wembanyama is 7-foot-3 with an eight-foot wingspan. As the number one overall pick, he is destined to receive the requisite workload for leading the team in rebounds.

Wemby has shown he understands that securing rebounds is like properly punctuating a sentence. A defensive rebound ends the opponent's possession like a period, while an offensive rebound is more like a comma, allowing your team another chance at scoring, which we'll call an exclamation point to bring this metaphor full circle.

The Parisian phenom averaged 10.3 rebounds per game in the more physical French League among grown men and ex-NBA players. Expect him to bring the same board-grabbing mentality to the NBA. One of the things Wemby has shown so far is a superior maturity level for someone so young and so gifted. That thought process lends itself to appreciating the details of the game and securing rebounds is a major detail for a big man.