Predicting stat leaders for the San Antonio Spurs next season

With less than a month before training camp begins, who has the best chance of leading the San Antonio Spurs in each statistical category?
San Antonio Spurs v Brooklyn Nets
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Steals Per Game: Jeremy Sochan

While Wembanyama is bound to be the long-term superstar of the Silver and Black, Jeremy Sochan is primed to be the second part of a dynamic duo. His expectations go as follows: A menace on defense, an irritant to the opposition, and a versatile offensive player. Sochan has all the tools to necessary to routinely establish himself as key contributor to winning in a myriad of ways, some showing up on the box score and some not.

Sochan has already shown he is not scared of the moment nor is he scared of any individuals on the court. Offense in the league these days primarily revolves around switching and trying to find favorable matchups. With Wemby, Vassell, and Sochan on the floor, teams will find themselves forced to deal with a less-than-ideal situation as those players will either be the primary defender or close enough to be the help guy. With the tools he possesses, the Baylor product will often find himself in a position to swipe the rock.