Predicting the Spurs perfect starting lineup after a home run offseason

The San Antonio Spurs have the tools needed to speed up their rebuild, so what would their starting lineup look like if everything went right this summer?
Devin Vassell
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Power forward: Jeremy Sochan

Barring something unforeseen, like, say, I don't know, him starting at point guard, Jeremy Sochan will play power forward for the Spurs next season. Sochan had an up-and-down season after Coach Gregg Popovich opted to play without a traditional point guard and put the ball in his hands.

That resulted in him and the Spurs getting off to an ugly start, including losing 20 straight games. That might have tanked the team's chances of making the play-in tournament this season, but the Spurs seem likely to end up with a top-five pick. Better still, Sochan eventually showed off an expanded skillset and his 3-point shot looked much better.

Although his 30.8% 3-point percentage was well below the league average, he did manage to increase his average number of 3-point attempts to 3.1 per game. That marked a 6.2% increase from outside, while he also increased his free-throw percentage by 7.3%. That proves that he has steadily gotten better as a shooter and could develop into the versatile player that Spurs fans hoped for when he was selected 10th overall in 2022.

He also displayed growth as a playmaker, particularly after reverting to his natural position. That shows that Sochan wasn't a failed experiment and bodes well for the Spurs going forward.