Predicting the Spurs' 2022-23 season results month-by-month

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December: 4-10

Well, the wheels had to fall off the bus eventually, and they do around Christmas time. Hopefully, you have a joyous holiday and are distracted from the horrible basketball the Spurs will play. The Spurs start with a mini homestand against the Pelicans, Suns, and Rockets. The Spurs will get the better of New Orleans to start the season, but not this month. The Pelicans and Suns make light work of the fledgling Spurs, but they manage to beat their in-state rivals.

After that, the Spurs travel to Miami and almost certainly lose. Then they host Portland, which should be a win, before dropping two road games to the Rockets and Pelicans. I’m not convinced the Magic are quite ready yet, so the Spurs actually beat them on the road before besting Utah in the Alamo City, but then they finish the month losing to the Thunder in the Sooner State and the Knicks and Mavericks at home. 

January: 6-9

The Spurs sort of bounce back from a horrible December to fare slightly worse than average in the dead of winter. The Spurs start with a Big Apple road trip, where I expect them to lose both of their games. After that, they host the Pistons for what should be an easier win than last year.

The Spurs then lose three straight hosting Boston and on the road at Memphis twice, before blowing out the Warriors on ESPN in front of 65,000 fans at the Alamo Dome. The Spurs have the tendency to beat Golden State on national TV, and this will be no different. 

The Spurs will then hopefully beat the Kings at home, lose to the Nets, then win two against the Clippers and Blazers. They end the month by dropping three straight to the Lakers and Clippers on the road and to the Suns at home before securing a win hosting Bradley Beal and whoever else is on the Wizards. 

February: 2-9

The Rodeo Road Trip will get the best of the Spurs this season. A poor roster, weary legs, and a tough schedule mean the only two games the Spurs will win are at Detroit and one of the two at Utah. The only reason they will best Cade Cunningham at home is that yours truly will be there to cheer them on.

To start the month, their battle against the Kings finally goes south as Sacramento gets the best of them at home, and the Sixers come to the AT&T Center planning to win. Embiid won’t mess around, and the Spurs will lose that game as well.