Predicting the Spurs' 2022-23 season results month-by-month

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The San Antonio Spurs will not make any noise next season. Last year, they got to play ruiner, keeping the Los Angeles Lakers out of the postseason, and the years before that can be marked by 22 straight playoff appearances. I don’t think it’s too much to say that the Spurs will not be making the postseason this year, and they may be the worst team in the NBA. 

Bleacher Report predicts that the Spurs will go 16-66, which is easily the worst in the league. I doubt the Spurs will have a season just that putrid, but I’ve been wrong before. The NBA season covers seven calendar months, and while the Spurs will look bad for most of them, they might be able to scrape together some decent stretches. 

October: 3-4

For whatever reason, the Spurs usually overperform early on in the season. I think this October will be no different than the ones in years past. The Spurs open the season hosting the Hornets and then visiting Indiana. The Hornets got off to a hot start last year, but without Miles Bridges, they might look a little lost, and I think San Antonio can steal one. 

The Pacers are on pace to be a very bad team, and I think the Spurs will be able to capitalize, especially with a full day’s rest.

After that, things go downhill, fast. The Spurs travel to Philadelphia and the Twin Cities to take on the Wolves twice before coming home to host Chicago and Minnesota. The Sixers are a contender this year, so expect San Antonio to get blown out. I also think the Bulls -- if healthy -- will be really good, and the retooled Wolves should easily win two of three. 

November: 7-8

Maybe thinking the Spurs have a semi-productive November is a little bit optimistic, but I really think this could be a hot month for the Spurs. Yeah, they’ll probably lose four straight to the Raptors, Clippers, Nuggets, and Nuggets to start the month, but things will eventually get better. After Ja Morant and company embarrassed the Spurs last year, I think they’ll be looking for revenge and will manage to beat them at the AT&T Center before losing to the Bucks and at Golden State. 

After a rough first half, the Spurs should be able to beat Portland and Sacramento at home before dropping a game to the Clippers in LA. After that, it’s smooth sailing, as the Spurs have the Lakers, Pelicans, Lakers, Lakers, and Thunder to close the month out. New Orleans is a bit of a wild card, but this should be another revenge game the Spurs win. I suspect they will take two of three against the Lakers, dropping one in LA before beating the Thunder to end the month.