Power Ranking Spurs' draft targets after March Madness Rd 1

Evaluating round one performances of Rob Dillingham, Reed Sheppard, and Dalton Knech in the NCAA Tournament; 3 potential draft picks for the San Antonio Spurs.

Rob Dillingham
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March Madness has begun, and it wouldn't live up to its name if there wasn't a crazy upset that busted the bracket of just about every idealist who filled one out. It's the same story every year as fans spend time meticulously selecting their winners only to prove wrong yet again because an underdog nobody saw coming rose from the shadows. Unfortunately for the San Antonio Spurs, the Kentucky Wildcats were on the wrong end of a possible start to the latest Cinderella story, losing to the Oakland Grizzlies 80-76.

Point guards Rob Dillingham and Reed Sheppard have both been mocked to the Silver and Black, so an early exit means the live-action evaluations are cut short. It would have been nice to see both players go deep in the tournament, performing as the stakes rise, but alas, that opportunity has vanished. When considering drafting one-and-done players, information is at a premium, and the ability to obtain more of it is not always in your control, making those selections more difficult to project.

The other interesting prospect the Spurs should be looking at is Tennessee's Dalton Knecht. As recently as January, experts were predicting Knecht would be selected by San Antonio in the second round, but he has since shot up the draft boards to a possible lottery pick. Unlike the Wildcats, the Tennessee Volunteers took care of business 83-49, showing Saint Peter's why they are a number-2 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

3. Reed Sheppard

When Sheppard began to take more shots in the ladder stage of the game, you could tell from his form that he was a pure shooter, but it took too long for him to get aggressive. Calipari decided to bring him and Dillingham off the bench, but it didn't take long for them to see action. About three minutes into the game, Kentucky's offense was stagnant; substitutions were made, and the offense picked up its pace.

To the dismay of Wildcat fans everywhere, improving the pace was the best thing Reed did for the team. He finished the game with three points, four assists, and two turnovers. He looked uncertain early and was unable to get to his spots with consistency. The game was held close by the efforts of Kentucky's guard senior, Antonio Reeves, who finished the night with 27 points.

Sheppard shot 52.5% from three for the season, putting up 12.5 points per game during the regular season. He was projected to go in the top five in many mock drafts, so this performance is shocking to many. Sometimes, the easiest explanation is the correct one; he is a young player, and the moment may have gotten the better of him.