Plotting the dream offseason for the San Antonio Spurs

What the best case scenario could look like for the Spurs this summer.
Trae Young
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Land top-three pick

As of this writing, San Antonio holds an 11-47 record. Only the Washington Wizards and Detroit Pistons have less wins and lower winning percentages at this point in the season. Barring some sort of miracle, the Spurs will be in the lottery this season, and will in all likelihood have excellent odds at landing a high draft pick.

Of course, having the best odds at getting the number one pick does not guarantee you anything. Just ask the Pistons, who finished a league-worst 17-65 last season, only to end up with the fifth overall selection in the draft. The look of disappointment on Ben Wallace's face on draft lottery night sits with me to this day.

For those unaware, the teams with the three worst records all get a 14% chance of obtaining the number one pick in the draft under the current format. After that, the odds go down one by one for the rest of the teams in the lottery.

Now, getting the top pick is not nearly as crucial this year as it was last. There is not a top-level, can't miss guy at the top of draft boards in 2024 like Victor Wembanyama was in 2023. But obviously, getting the best talent available is always the best option and will only help accelerate San Antonio's rebuild.