Pistons fan gets satisfying dose of karma seconds after attacking Spurs, Texas

Cleveland Cavalier v Detroit Pistons
Cleveland Cavalier v Detroit Pistons / Leon Halip/GettyImages

Pistons fans were among the many fanbases hoping for a franchise-altering result on Tuesday evening. Going into the night, they were tied for the best odds at landing Victor Wembanyama after losing a league-worst 65 games in the 2022-23 NBA season. When it all shook out, the San Antonio Spurs walked away the big winners.

The Pistons have landed in the NBA Lottery for the last four years running, most recently drafting Jaden Ivey with the fifth pick in 2022. Unfortunately for them, they'll be repeating that selection again next month.

In the seconds leading up to the final five picks being revealed, an overzealous Pistons fan couldn't help but take an unnecessary shot at all three Texas teams. Riding the odds of a 17-win team, it's hard to blame him. That's why what happened next was extra satisfying.

Pistons fan gets humbled seconds after lashing out at Texas

"Give it to Houston or whatever," said the fan with the fifth pick pending. "Give it to one of them loser teams in Texas! Let's go, man."

Well, it's safe to say he didn't get his wish, unless by "it", he meant Victor Wembanyama. Not only will the Pistons not be able to pick one of the highly-coveted top four picks in the class, but one of the loser Texas teams ended up with the grand prize.

While the fan could only react with a stunned "WHAAAAT?!", San Antonio was doing this.

It's been 18 years since the Spurs narrowly defeated the Pistons in one of the most competitive finals in sports history. It looks like they got the better of Detroit once again.

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