Offseason Report Card: Spurs get five As, three Bs and two Cs for summer moves

The San Antonio Spurs fully embraced their rebuild and it landed them the No. 1 pick and French phenom Victor Wembanyama. How else did they do with their busy offseason this summer?

Victor Wembanyama, San Antonio Spurs
Victor Wembanyama, San Antonio Spurs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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4. Reggie Bullock trade

As part of a 3-team trade, added Reggie Bullock and 2030 first-round pick swap from DAL

The Spurs joined three different trades this summer to take on unwanted salary, and this was both their best work and the most baffling for them to be a part of. The Dallas Mavericks added forward Grant Williams in a sign-and-trade, with the Boston Celtics adding a pair of second-round picks and Reggie Bullock diverted to the Spurs.

For the Celtics, this was a bet that their future financial flexibility was more valuable than Grant Williams on a four-year deal; that was probably the wrong move (they could have traded Williams in a future season if absolutely necessary) but it's at least understandable.

What's less reasonable is that instead of taking back Reggie Bullock, a veteran 3-and-D wing the Mavs had to move to make this trade legal under the hard cap, the contending Celtics instead took back fewer draft capital for Bullock to be rerouted to the Spurs. On an expiring contract, there is no reason but pure financial savings for Boston to have done that.

Back to the Spurs, this was their best use of cap space this summer. The Dallas Mavericks could very easily be a rebuilding team watching Luka Doncic play elsewhere by 2030, while the Spurs project to be very good with Wembanyama as their centerpiece in seven years. That's a high-upside pick to take on Bullock, who is a top candidate to be traded to a contender for value sometime between now and the Trade Deadline.

Grade: A-