Odd Bulls report is a head-scratcher that should excite Spurs fans

A recent report indicates the Chicago Bulls made an odd decision regarding Alex Caruso but the San Antonio Spurs stand to benefit from their mindset.
Tre Jones, Alex Caruso, Jeremy Sochan
Tre Jones, Alex Caruso, Jeremy Sochan / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

Everyone has their demons to conquer in this unpredictable tapestry of life that continues to unfold. It's not easy but it's not meant to be and that can be difficult to deal with for some. There is always uncertainty, which can lead to self-doubt or imposter syndrome.

Others have the opposite issue; they have an irrational level of confidence, which is detrimental in its own right. It makes one believe things about themselves that aren't true, sometimes causing you to make ill-advised decisions. Thankfully, San Antonio Spurs fans don't have to worry about either from their front office, but the Chicago Bulls, on the other hand, have some explaining to do.

Who do the Bulls think they are?

There is a wealth of information available to show the Bulls what happens when a perennial fringe team refuses to commit to a full rebuild; you stay a fringe team. Chicago finished last season as the 9th seed and lost to Miami in the NBA Play-In Tournament by 21 points, despite the Heat's biggest star, Jimmy Butler, being unable to play due to injury.

Reports have indicated that the Bulls want to resign Demar DeRozan. That would require a massive payday and DeRozan, while still a bonafide hooper, is 34 years old. He has led his team to a conference finals appearance once in his career; that was years ago in his Toronto days. The NBA is changed and a midrange savant is not going to lead a team to the Promiseland. It's just not happening.

This team started Alex Caruso at their shooting guard spot when he would be best suited coming off the bench. He probably would have been, if not for Zach LaVine's injury, but other reports have expressed Chicago's desire to move off of LaVine anyway. Other teams in the East that were already better than them will get healthier and improve their rosters. There isn't a clear path for the Bulls to do anything but be an 'okay' team.

San Antonio holds the Bulls' 2025 first-round pick. That selection is top-10 protected, so a full rebuild could result in that pick not conveying. This path would increase the chances that Chicago is good enough to stay out of that range, and with a draft reportedly as deep as the one coming next year, that should be A-okay with Spurs fans.