An NBA scout is 'convinced' about draft prospect the Spurs want most

One source says there is a definite choice for San Antonio with their first draft pick.
Gregg Popovich, San Antonio Spurs
Gregg Popovich, San Antonio Spurs / Tyler Kaufman/GettyImages

For a team like the San Antonio Spurs, building through the draft will continue to be one of the most crucial methods of success when it comes to their rebuild. The potential for free agents to desire signing in San Antonio may improve with Victor Wembanyama in the equation, but it should still not be relied upon as the top method of adding talent to this team.

The Spurs' scouting and evaluation of prospects in the draft will be paramount this year, as it is any other year. Finding players that they believe to align with their vision of a winning basketball team as well as talents that can compliment Wembanyama will be a major determining factor in them either taking a step forward this coming season, or remaining near the bottom of the standings.

This year's draft class is not considered to be nearly as strong or as deep as the 2023 class. But with that said, there are of course always going to be surprises that are difficult to correctly label a future star in the pre-draft process. That is why thorough research is always necessary, even in the drafts where everyone claims there are clearly no superstar players.

According to a report from Spurs Talk, San Antonio could be targeting University of Kentucky guard Rob Dillingham with their first lottery pick in this year's draft.

The Spurs may be targeting Rob Dillingham in the draft

San Antonio got solid point guard play from Tre Jones for much of the past two seasons, but it is unlikely he would be the best option for a floor general on a team looking to contend for a title. Thus, drafting a point guard would have to be one of the Spurs' biggest priorities in this upcoming draft.

Spurs Talk reports that multiple scouts have voiced their opinion that they would be shocked if San Antonio had Rob Dillingham on the board and passed on him. "I'm convinced the Spurs pick him - even with the first pick," said one anonymous scout.

These are big words, but the prospect of the Spurs taking Dillingham first overall becomes less surprising when considering no one seems to have a consensus number one pick in this draft. With San Antonio's need for a point guard, drafting for roster fit rather than best talent available would seem to be the right play.

In terms of on-court production, Dillingham would contribute immediately with his quick first step and shifty scoring ability. There may be some questions about his ability to defend and playmake at a high level, but he has a high enough ceiling that this would be far from a bad pick for the Spurs.