NBA Rumors: Draft analyst hints Wembanyama camp prefers Spurs

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The search for optimism in a season riddled with losses continues to bear fruit for Spurs fans. When asked which of the lottery-bound organizations projected first-overall pick Victor Wembanyama would likely prefer to play for, ESPN draft expert Jonathan Givony dropped a gem on the Zach Lowe podcast.

"I think if you went to Victor Wembanyama’s camp right now and you gave them truth serum and you said ‘pick your ideal landing spot from those four’ I’m sure it would be the Spurs over those other teams…"

Givony founded in 2003, and he is as plugged in as the deep freezer in your grandmother's basement. While I won't say his word is gospel, it might as well be endorsed by the church.

The renowned draft enthusiast landed on his answer based on ownership, location, and selling the camp on the past triumphs and future direction of the once-proud franchise. The history of success experienced by the San Antonio Spurs is well-known throughout the NBA, and there's no shortage of optimism for what this team can achieve in the coming years.

We have seen noticeable improvement from Devin VassellJeremy Sochan has played better than expected, and Malaki Branham has showcased a flamethrower with his innate ability to rack up points. Though I didn't mention Keldon Johnson, Jonathan Givony voices that Johnson has been a solid player for the Spurs.

The end of the regular season is nearing, and the curtain call is stirring mixed emotions. There is a relief that stacking losses will soon be over. There is sadness for the inability to cheer "Go Spurs Go" during a playoff game at the AT&T Center. But the most prominent feelings are excitement and hope.

All this losing will give the Spurs their best chance to land the number one overall pick since they lucked into Tim Duncan in the 1997 NBA Draft. And it just so happens that another transcendent frontcourt talent named Victor Wembanyama is on the board. He doesn't have to be Tim Duncan, but he can be kind of close, right?

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