NBA Power Forward Tier List: Where does Jeremy Sochan rank?

Jeremy Sochan
Jeremy Sochan / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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Tier Two: Perennial All-Stars

The second tier is reserved for perennial All-Stars and features seven power forwards, so no Sochan just yet. It's a pretty diverse group, with a few rising stars, disappointments, and players in between. Zion should be in the top tier heading into year five but has missed significant time over his first four seasons. Towns probably should too, but he appears to have peaked in this range.

2.) Pascal Siakam
3.) Julius Randle
4.) Lauri Markannen
5.) Jaren Jackson Jr.
6.) Karl-Anthony Towns
7.) Zion Williamson
8.) Anthony Davis

Davis would also be higher if he were able to stay healthy. Davis actually spent a lot of time at center last season, and the Los Angeles Lakers were better for it. Nevertheless, he apparently prefers to play power forward and will likely start there next season. No matter what position he is in, he still belongs near the top tier, given his two-way ability.

With most of these fours playing in the Western Conference, the Spurs will be seeing a lot of these players. And while Sochan won't be starting for San Antonio, he figures to spend time guarding each player on this list, giving him a chance to test his versatility as a defender.