NBA Point Guard Tier List: Where Does Tre Jones Rank?

Where does Tre Jones belong on the totem pole of the best point guards the league has to offer?
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Tier Five: Reliable Starters 

Tre almost snuck into this tier, but everyone here brings something to the dinner table that the fourth-year floor general doesn't have in his repertoire. Derrick White is an elite defender, Russell Westbrook can bend defenses with devastating drives, and D'Angelo Russell spaces the floor.

24.) Derrick White
25.) D’Angelo Russell
26.) Spencer Dinwiddie
27.) Collin Sexton
28.) Russell Westbrook
29.) Markelle Fultz
30.) Kevin Porter Jr.
31.) Gabe Vincent

While these point guards have next to nothing in common with one another, most teams would trust them with the keys to the offense. Aside from Westbrook, coaches can expect them to contribute to winning without dominating the basketball, and that is a valuable trait in the NBA.

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