NBA Point Guard Tier List: Where Does Tre Jones Rank?

Where does Tre Jones belong on the totem pole of the best point guards the league has to offer?
San Antonio Spurs v Memphis Grizzlies
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Tier Four: Up-and-Comers

All these young prospects have flashed considerable talent or have draft lottery pedigree attached to their names, and they are a breakout season away from hurdling into the next tier of point guards. The league is entranced by their upside, affording some room for error as they develop.

19.) Cade Cunningham
20.) Anfernee Simons
21.) Tyrese Maxey
22.) Scoot Henderson
23.) Jaden Ivey

Though Jones is around five months from celebrating his 24th birthday, he lacks the high-end upside that makes starlets like Cade Cunningham and Scoot Henderson untouchable in trade talks. He is the incumbent starter for the Spurs, but that won't stop them from looking for an upgrade.

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