NBA Point Guard Tier List: Where Does Tre Jones Rank?

Where does Tre Jones belong on the totem pole of the best point guards the league has to offer?
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Tier Three: All-Star Hopefuls

All these players could be perennial All-Stars in the right situation, but they have sacrificed shots and touches to be the second or third fiddle for franchises that already have a centerpiece. With relatively modest numbers, taking home year-end accolades hinges on team success.

15.) Jrue Holiday
16.) Dejounte Murray
17.) Fred VanVleet
18.) Chris Paul

Jones ranked among the league leaders in assists and steals last season, but his one-dimensionality for a lottery-bound ball club made him a longshot to earn All-Star consideration. Every point guard in this tier offers more on both ends of the court than the former second-rounder.

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