NBA Point Guard Tier List: Where Does Tre Jones Rank?

Where does Tre Jones belong on the totem pole of the best point guards the league has to offer?

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Tier Two: Perennial All-Stars

Jones has a long road ahead if he wants to become a perennial All-Star candidate, and most players never reach this vaunted status. While none of these floor generals have drummed up much noise in recent MVP conversations, they can easily spearhead a potent offense.

8.) Tyrese Haliburton
9.) Jamal Murray
10.) De'Aaron Fox
11.) LaMelo Ball
12.) Darius Garland
13.) Jalen Brunson
14.) James Harden

This cluster of supremely talented facilitators has a handful of youngsters on the precipice of leaping into superstardom, and each of them has an impressive arsenal of tricks that make them must-watch basketball for diehard fans. Keep an eye on Tyrese Haliburton and LaMelo Ball.

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