NBA Draft Big Board: How Spurs Can Balance Talent and Fit

Chet Holmgren, Jalen Duren, NBA Draft
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San Antonio Spurs
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Tier Four: Too Good to Slip Further

Two guards who were pushed down due to uncertainty and redundancy with players already on the San Antonio Spurs roster make up this tier. While their talent is undeniable, the Spurs have bigger issues to address before taking another secondary guard.

12. Johnny Davis, Wisconsin

  • DRAFT AGE: 20
  • HEIGHT: 6’5”
  • WEIGHT: 194 lbs
  • POSITION: Shooting Guard

Don’t let the percentages trick you—Johnny Davis is a bucket. Between his shooting, scoring and slashing, he can score from anywhere on the floor. Truly elite scorers are able to play at their own pace no matter the matchup or system, and Davis showcased some of that in his Big Ten Player of the Year campaign.

While he’s not always going to blow you away with his explosiveness, Davis is a capable and methodical player. He makes smart reads in the halfcourt, attacking gaps in the defense and exploiting mismatches using his deep bag. Davis isn’t afraid of absorbing contact when driving to the rim and always finds a way to his spots.

Like other players in his class, it’s going to take time for his role in the NBA to be more clearly defined. He’s a willing passer, but not a lead playmaker despite commanding the ball and oftentimes being the focal point of an offense. Still, with his skill-set and determination, he’s sure to carve out a role as a pro.

San Antonio Spurs
Shaedon Sharpe / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

11. Shaedon Sharpe, Kentucky

Whoever drafts Shaedon Sharpe will be dipping their hand into a mystery box. Ranked the third-best prospect in his recruiting class by 24/7 Sports, Sharpe has a jaw-dropping high school mixtape full of high-flying athleticism and astonishing ‘jelly’ layups through the lane. Still, he didn’t suit up for the Wildcats and may not even declare for the draft this season.

That being said, the allure of drafting such a dynamic scoring threat with speed, verticality and shooting potential is just too good to pass up in the lottery. Heck, Sharpe has a shot at ending up the best player in his class if everything pans out in his favor.