NBA Center Tier List: Where does Zach Collins rank?

 Zach Collins
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Tier Three: All-Star Hopefuls

Although Collins doesn't crack tier three, we are getting warmer. Tier three is meant for players who have made at least one all-star team or have played at a near-all-star level. Ironically, all but two of these seven centers play in the Eastern Conference, meaning that the Spurs won't see much of them.

6.) Jarrett Allen
7.) Brook Lopez
8.) Rudy Gobert
9.) Deandre Ayton
10.) Myles Turner
11.) Kristaps Porzingis
12.) Nikola Vucevic

The gap between the second and third tiers is a bit bigger, and some of these players have more flaws that keep them from being elite. Two players are nearing the end of their careers, while one has a checkered injury history and another struggles with intensity and consistency.

And while they are all skilled, most of these players aren't capable of taking over a game the same way the players in the tiers above them are able to. Collins could hold his own against players in this tier, and depending on the night, he could even outperform some of them. However, his ceiling isn't as high as that of these big men, putting him below this tier.