NBA Center Tier List: Where does Zach Collins rank?

 Zach Collins
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Tier Two: Perennial All-Stars

Tier two is dedicated to three perennial All-Star players. and, unsurprisingly, Collins doesn't appear in this category either. It should come as no shock that each of these players were on teams that had a lot of success last season, which is proof that having an elite center is still a competitive advantage in the NBA.

3.) Anthony Davis
4.) Bam Adebayo
5.) Domantas Sabonis

Although Collins isn't as skilled as any of the three aforementioned players, he stands a far better chance of defending them than the likes of Jokic and Embiid. With 10 games against the Los Angeles Lakers, Sacramento Kings, and Miami Heat, the Spurs could be seeing a lot of these three players next season, particularly the Lakers or Kings if the Spurs make the playoffs.

Getting there with Collins as the team's starting center would likely mean that he contributed to their success and possibly even had a career season. Be that as it may, this tier is reserved for all-stars. And even though he has exceeded expectations since signing with the Spurs in 2021, he doesn't have that high of a ceiling.