NBA Awards season and 2 other ripple effects of Morant suspension on Spurs

Phoenix Suns v San Antonio Spurs
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Association Awards

The Western Conference is littered with superstars, making it nearly impossible for up-and-coming players to crack any of the three All-NBA teams. Any time a top talent is disqualified from taking the court, it leaves a space open for other players to put themselves on the map. With 15 spots and the NBA eliminating designated positions for award season, Morant's extended suspension could open the door for a certain 7-foot-5 Frenchman to slide into one of those vacancies.

In certain cases, when a highly anticipated rookie enters the NBA, they can significantly impact their team and the league as a whole. If Victor Wembanyama, upon being drafted, demonstrates exceptional skills, adaptability, and an immediate impact on his team's success, it could capture the attention of voters responsible for All-NBA selections. Wemby's performance, combined with the temporary absence of Morant, might create an opportunity for him to shine and make a case for All-NBA recognition.