NBA Analyst says Spurs are "already writing up the blueprint" for Wembanyama

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Draft day is here, and Spurs fans are already celebrating after Commissioner Adam Silver announced Victor Wembanyama as the number one overall pick. But after the draft, the real work begins. There is no shortage of examples of talented players being drafted into the wrong situation. Sometimes those players can recover and thrive in their career but often, those athletes never reach their potential. For Spurs Nation, the question is about trusting that the organization still knows how to develop and build around a star.

One senior writer, Shaun Powell, joined Sarah Kustok on the NBA Pulse podcast to discuss numerous topics, one of them being Victor Wembanyama. Powell believes, "They'll take the proper steps as they have for so long. It's a great organization." He went on, "I believe they're already writing up the blueprint. They have a plan in mind." Planning ahead is half the battle and San Antonio has a track record of patience and execution. This history should only serve as a confidence booster for fans.

Successful Standards

The Spurs have demonstrated a massive sample size in their ability to develop high-level players who maintained exceptional play over an extended period of time. From 1989 to 2017, San Antonio boasted a representative on the All-NBA team every single year except for 1996, the year David Robinson was injured. From Robinson and Tim Duncan to Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge, the Spurs have shown a consistent ability to foster a thriving culture for the upper echelon.

Powell highlighted the Spurs' difference in approach when drafting their cornerstone players David Robinson vs Tim Duncan. The rest of the roster was constructed differently at the time each player was selected which changed the way San Antonio handled their contrasting situations. "When Tim Duncan came to the Spurs... they already had a team that was ready to win." Powell said, "David Robinson came in the Spurs didn't really have much."

The current roster boasts a number of talented young players. With Victor Wembanyama incoming, the years-long picture San Antonio has been envisioning is coming into focus for the observers. It's clear this plan has the makings of a proper Texas BBQ; extended marinating for a climax of flavor. So, Wemby's arrival is just in time because, after years of inadequacy, Spurs fans have built up one hell of an appetite.