League-leading stat shows exactly how Spurs feel about Sochan

A recently revealed stats shows the San Antonio Spurs trust Jeremy Sochan with key responsibilities, suggesting he is a long-term piece for the Silver and Black.

Jeremy Sochan
Jeremy Sochan / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

Jeremy Sochan was the victim of circumstance at the beginning of the season. The frustrations of San Antonio Spurs fans were understandable during his point guard experiment, but the source of that frustration was the coaching staff, making them prime candidates for criticism. At the end of the day, this team was not going to win big this season, but at least Popovich has a better understanding of who can do what, down to the minute detail. That information is priceless.

Fans should expect the front office to make smart, efficient moves when the offseason rolls around. There is a strong possibility that the team will look significantly different, but despite incoming changes, Sochan will be a constant for a long time. He is earning that with each game that passes by.

Sochan's importance to the Spurs is second only to Wembanyama

Longtime Spurs fans know that it doesn't matter how the game of basketball changes on the offensive end; Coach Popovich will always prioritize the defense first. Over the past couple of games versus the Indiana Pacers and the Oklahoma City Thunder, it looks like that philosophy has started to click for the youngest roster in the league, but Jeremy has been tasked with the toughest defensive assignments from day one, and he has done his part. Pop trusts him.

His size, long arms, instincts, and unapologetic aggression are the tools he uses to pester the opposing team's best players. Fans have even seen Sochan guard LeBron James with varying levels of success. Granted, LeBron is 40 years old, but if you take a look at his numbers, you will see that James is still performing at a ridiculously high level. Anyone who can disrupt that deserves credit.

The best part about this development is that the Polish Prince is not a defense-only player. He makes smart cuts to the basket, has a serviceable jump shot, and is unafraid to throw the hammer down in the face of a league's shot blockers. Devin Vassell has an argument for the second-best player, but a pecking order of importance would require discussion; an impressive development for Sochan.

He has a special connection with Victor Wembanyama that materializes on the court as they throw each other lobs and smother offenses with their length. They both have a dog in them that materializes as aggression on the court. That type of attitude is something you don't typically see from San Antonio star players, but it is more than welcome. This is a dynamic duo that Spurs fans will enjoy watching for a long time.