Latest spicy NBA rumor is another sign of Wembanyama superstardom

Dallas Mavericks v San Antonio Spurs
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The roster construction process that will bring the Spurs their next championship is in its formative stages. Brian Wright and the front office are first-time parents doing everything possible to get ahead of the curve, hoping their choices help the baby thrive. Gregg Popovich is the seasoned grandparent who thinks this kid is a rockstar and knows things will work out over time. Meanwhile, Spurs fans are the nervous friends who have never had a baby but freak out over every decision.

You can tell how early San Antonio is into their rebuild by flipping on a random game and tuning into the ensuing chaos. Winning isn't the foremost priority, and the coaching staff has tested new lineups every night. These first phases of development are also evidence that the Silver and Black might be a club to look out for on the trade market this season, even if they are mainly a salary dump destination.

San Antonio is likely content making moves on the fringes for now. However the door could be open for San Antonio to pull off a blockbuster after a recent report from Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports, Per the respected league insider, the Bulls have started shopping Zach LaVine, and both parties "share a mutual interest in finding a trade." The Spurs might not seem like the frontrunner to land the two-time All-Star, but he "has an eye on joining the [San Antonio]."

Fischer mentions that other teams like the Lakers, Heat, and 76ers are in the mix as the preferred landing spots for LaVine. One of the reasons the 28-year-old swingman wants out of Chicago is he does not see the Bulls as a legitimate contender. Although San Antonio doesn't fit the criteria of a title hopeful since they are in the middle of an eight-game losing streak, teaming up with a generational talent like Victor Wembanyama could give LaVine a reason to push for a deal to the 2-1-0.

LaVine rumors signal good things ahead for Wemby and Spurs

Everyone is aware of what basketball fans and media think about Wemby. The teenage phenom has often been the leading topic on debate shows like First Take and the center of attention on national broadcasts, but this rumor is something else. Without Wembanyama on the roster, San Antonio would be a complete afterthought in conversations surrounding potential trade destinations for disgruntled stars. But the prospect of his imminent dominance is enough to make any household name consider joining the Spurs.

Instead of wallowing in irrelevance, the Spurs are at the table for LaVine despite their early struggles. That’s the kind of pull Wemby has only 13 games into his rookie season. He has endured ups and downs, including 38-point outbursts and 40-point blowouts, but his potential as a game-wrecker is undeniable. For LaVine to openly express that he would rather be in San Antonio with the youngest team in the league than on the Bulls showcases the kind of superstar magnetism Wemby already has.