Latest reports continue to push controversial point guard toward Spurs

NBA rumors continue to swirl with the latest pushing D'Angelo Russell toward the San Antonio Spurs as a possible free agent destination.
Gregg Popovich
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One of the many layers of adulthood is developing a healthy skepticism for whatever you're told when presented without evidence. Some things are hard to believe, and no matter how often you hear them, you won't accept the possibility of accuracy. That's where many Spurs fans find themselves amid continued rumors of San Antonio's potential interest in D'Angelo Russell.

Russell is a free agent now that the Los Angeles Lakers season has ended at the hands of the reigning champion Denver Nuggets. He averaged 14 points and four assists per game, shooting 38% from the field and 32% from three during the series as the starting point guard. He even submitted a zero-point performance in 24 minutes of action in game three but for some reason, reports continue to surface claiming the Spurs may be interested in his services.

D'Angelo Russell does not fit Spurs culture

Russell had a good shooting year during the regular season, reaching a career-high 42% from distance but that is not enough to warrant a roster spot on San Antonio's roster. The former Buckeye simply does not get "it." There is a self-awareness intangible missing from his repertoire, made obvious by his comment above.

Nobody should have an issue with a little confidence but poor shooting and lackadaisical defense were on display for all to witness during the first-round series between the Lakers and the Nuggets. To enter your exit meeting and begin talking about the leverage you believe you gained based on the regular season like playoff performances don't hold more weight is painfully oblivious.

He is 28 years old and the next point guard the Spurs need in the lineup has to align with the timeline. Russell does not fit within that frame. It would be different if he were expected to come off the bench for a reasonable price but the Spurs already have Tre Jones and Blake Wesley to fill that role and Russell has made it clear he expects to be compensated nicely. There is no way that should happen in San Antonio.