Latest Hawks report highlights Spurs will receive massive payoff no matter what

The Atlanta Hawks are reportedly moving toward trading both Dejounte Murray and Trae Young. That scenario is beneficial for the San Antonio Spurs.
San Antonio Spurs v Atlanta Hawks
San Antonio Spurs v Atlanta Hawks / Alex Slitz/GettyImages
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Hawks trade Murray and Young somewhere else scenario

A full rebuild is a reasonable direction for Atlanta right now. It's not just about the number-one pick. The conversation around this draft has not changed; it's not a strong class. So, if the Hawks had virtually no talent on the roster except Murray and Young, that would be one thing, but that's not the case. They have young players already on the team, like Jalen Johnson and others who look like they can be good pieces in the future but they need time to grow.

If they draft Alex Sarr, they would have their big man with elite versatility on both sides of the floor to add to their young core. The assets they could get back from trading their two-star guards should net them the picks needed to stabilize their redemption path.

It wouldn't be a terrible idea for them, but it would be an amazing decision in San Antonio's eyes. Everyone knows how strong the 2025 draft class is projected to be. The Spurs own Atlanta's first-round picks over the next few years, with 2026 being a pick-swap. The timing couldn't be more perfect if they moved in that direction. Spurs would make out like bandits.