Latest Hawks report highlights Spurs will receive massive payoff no matter what

The Atlanta Hawks are reportedly moving toward trading both Dejounte Murray and Trae Young. That scenario is beneficial for the San Antonio Spurs.
San Antonio Spurs v Atlanta Hawks
San Antonio Spurs v Atlanta Hawks / Alex Slitz/GettyImages
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Hawks trade Dejounte Murray or Trae Young to San Antonio scenario

The most obvious benefit is immediate improvement to the offense. Trae Young's deep-range shooting is a threat that has to be respected as soon as he crosses half-court. Defenses will be forced to choose how much they want to lean toward Wembanyama. If it means leaving Young open time after time, they'll be in constant conflict, which leads to mistakes and easy baskets for the Silver and Black. Young is an elite passer and can make opponents pay by distributing all over the court.

Dejounte's impact should be familiar to Spurs fans, but there still seems to be some resentment toward Murray from a portion of the fan base. That should be a non-factor for PAFTO, as they're in the business of winning, not hurt feelings. If the Spurs versus Hawks games are any indication, Coach Pop is not worried about the past, since he always shares a moment with DJ when they see each other.

He brings energy, highlights plays that invigorate the team, is a pick-and-roll maestro, can finish around the basket and has the size to defend big guards. Trae Young's defense is more of a concern but there are no guards in the upcoming draft without concerns. None of them are currently projected to be as good at anything as Young has been on offense, and his clutch shot-making is an obvious need for San Antonio.