Lakers fans' bizarre attacks on Spurs' legacy are desperate and sad

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Some fans can't bear giving the Spurs credit

"If anything, the Pistons in 2004 ended the Kobe-Shaq 'dinasty' for good, not the Spurs," said @Endzone51, who has "fan of the Lakers" in their profile. Appearing to discount San Antonio personally stopping a fourth consecutive title, this fan then kept up with the mental gymnastics despite being presented with a direct quote from Kobe Bryant on the matter.

"If the Spurs weren't the Spurs, we probably would've run the table for a decade," said Bryant in an interview with All the Smoke. "We probably would have run 10 in a row."

"I'm not buying the Kobe bs," responded Endzone51. "I prefer to stick to the actual facts than hypotheticals," he continued before hypothesizing his own scenarios with continued broken grammar.

I eventually gave up on trying to reason with the unreasonable, but the point has already been made. For fans of guys that constantly gave their biggest rivals credit over the years, it's unfortunate to see such a stubbornness among some Lakers fans.

Of course, I realize many Spurs fans act the same way about other teams or stars, and there's a reason I generally don't follow or interact with those types. I also realize a majority of Lakers fans act in a classier manner. This isn't a call-out on an entire fanbase itself.

I imagine the people I highlighted above are probably in a younger age group that didn't quite get to witness the big rivalry firsthand. I'd be bitter about that myself, but I wouldn't channel that energy into attacking Kobe or Shaq, because there are better uses of my time.

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As fans of both organizations look forward to the rebuilding of their legendary franchises, here's to hoping those random attacks on the good old days can become a thing of the past.