Hopeless Lakers call it quits, Spurs no longer a potential trade partner

Keldon Johnson, San Antonio Spurs
Keldon Johnson, San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

It’s not often that I write a misleading title, but I’m afraid this is one of those rare times. The Los Angeles Lakers are not only uninterested in trading with the San Antonio Spurs, but they are reportedly not interested in trading with anyone and sticking to the lineup they have for the rest of the season. 

Here at Air Alamo, we’ve spent the entire season wondering what kinds of trades the Spurs could make with the Lakers and reported on missed trade opportunities the Spurs have had. 

The Spurs’ and Lakers' possibility of reaching a deal seems impossible

LeBron James, 38, has voiced his unhappiness with himself and his team for playing abysmal basketball this season. However, with only limited draft picks after the Anthony Davis trade, the Lakers are unable to right the ship. 

Los Angeles is reportedly only interested in making a trade that would immediately thrust them into contention. Currently, they are 14-21, 13th in the Conference, and could finish behind the woeful Spurs for the second year in a row, which would be funny, even if it hurts the Spurs’ draft lottery odds.

So how do reports that the Lakers are not going to make a trade short of a blockbuster affect San Antonio? Well, aside from Jakob Poeltl, the Spurs don’t really have the talent available that could turn the Lakers around, and the Spurs are asking for two first-round picks for Poeltl. Los Angeles does not want to give up that sort of draft capital, so a deal simply will not be made. 

Doug McDermott and Josh Richardson have some value for any team looking to make instant improvements, but with a price tag of a first-round pick each, I’m not sure the Lakers will bite, especially since neither one of them will catapult a 12 seed into the top five. 

The Lakers are the most hapless team in sports right now

With LeBron James voicing displeasure, no clear direction moving forward, and limited future picks to look forward to; it appears that the Lakers are stuck in limbo. A team with Anthony Davis, James, and Russell Westbrook simply cannot tank, but it’s clear that they are a play-in exit at best, and even that might be lofty expectations. 

Outside of the draft lottery odds, LA’s mishaps have little effect on the Spurs. San Antonio is rebuilding the right way, and if they can flip veteran players for picks, they should, but their most common mock trade partner seems uninterested.

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In a weird way, I feel sorry for the Lakers. Kind of like a parent would for their mischievous preteen. Yeah, you feel bad grounding them, but they brought this onto themselves at the end of the day. Then again, unlike a parent and child, I have no love for the Lakers and can enjoy their downfall and unforeseen turnaround (coming as soon as 2031!) with a twisted grin.