Key answer to what ails Spurs could be on their bench

The San Antonio Spurs have been rotating lineups in search of answers, but there's one option they have yet to try.
Cedi Osman, Devonte Graham, Victor Wembanyama, Dominick Barlow, Julian Champagnie
Cedi Osman, Devonte Graham, Victor Wembanyama, Dominick Barlow, Julian Champagnie / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

The San Antonio Spurs have spent the first quarter of the season experimenting with player roles, and so far, the trials have amounted to three wins. The one thing that seems obvious is the one thing Coach Popovich has yet to do this season: start Tre Jones. But if Tre Jones starts, who should get his backup minutes? Some may believe a certain young guard from St. Vincent should get that spot, but the answer to that question is not Malaki Branham.

Devonte' Graham's role in the Spurs' offensive blueprint could offer a transformative edge to their gameplay. While Graham isn't regarded as an elite player, he has playmaking guard experience, which significantly bolsters the team's dynamics. One crucial area where the Spurs have encountered challenges is their disregard for the ball. Graham's career turnover numbers of 1.4 per game align well with the team's need for stability in ball handling, potentially reducing costly errors and fortifying offensive consistency.

How Devonte Graham helps the San Antonio Spurs reach their desired playstyle

The sixth-year guard's ability to orchestrate plays and distribute the ball could play a vital role in enhancing the performance of emerging talent like Victor Wembanyama. While not an elite floor general, Graham's experience as a true point guard offers promise in setting up advantageous situations for Wembanyama. His court vision will aid in feeding Wembanyama the ball in positions where he can capitalize on his strengths, potentially amplifying the young prospect's impact on the court.

Furthermore, the former Atlanta Hawk's quickness could be a catalyst for the Spurs' desire to push the pace. While he might not possess elite-level speed, his agility and ability to push the ball up the court swiftly could align well with the team's strategic vision for such a young ball club. Integrating him into the rotation to orchestrate fast breaks and transition plays might inject a more efficient, renewed tempo into the Spurs' offensive strategies.

Graham's contributions in multiple facets of the game present an opportunity for the Spurs to refine their offensive strategies. Leveraging his strengths in reducing turnovers, facilitating plays, and fostering potential partnerships with emerging talents like Wembanyama could be pivotal in elevating the team's performance and carving out a more potent offensive identity.