Judge Josh: Is 34-year-old Kevin Durant worth a total Spurs overhaul?

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The Closing arguments

Yarbro: "The Spurs trading for Kevin Durant would require gutting the roster or giving up Dejounte Murray. We know the Spurs building for the next few years has a much lower chance of failure than an all-in move for an aging Hall of Famer.

In one case, one injury from one of the most often injured players in the league completely derails the Spurs' future. That's much more likely to happen than the Spurs whiffing on multiple drafts in a row in a regular rebuild."

Carter: "It's Kevin Durant."

Judge Josh makes a ruling in the case

After taking a brief recess to deliberate by myself, I'm ready to make a judgment in this case. Might I first say that both sides present compelling cases and there was an admirable cordiality between the two throughout.

On one hand, we have the case of being patient. The Spurs haven't made the NBA Playoffs in three seasons and are going on four. This is certainly not appealing to someone that wants to see San Antonio win now, but it's definitely the safer play for the long-term.

In Yarbro's scenario, San Antonio probably would be a lottery team or near it for at least the next year. Depending on how the rest of the offseason goes, the Spurs could get moderately better and threaten a .500 record with more moves and internal improvement, but it's tough to see them advancing past a first-round postseason appearance.

There's a lot to be said for what Durant would immediately do for the franchise if he was somehow acquired, but that would certainly come at the cost of many developing guys, lots of money, and injury concerns.

On the other hand, it's Kevin Durant. As Carter stated above, selling the farm for an aging star with 14 seasons of wear and tear and a previously torn ACL isn't usually the best option. But sometimes, you have to throw the rule book out the window.

He may be turning 34 in September, but Kevin Durant is still a generational talent at a level that many franchises spend decades trying to obtain or develop. He's the type of guy that can lead you to playoff success even with limited talent around him.

I certainly see the risks of setting the franchise back if another serious injury occurred, but that's going to be the case with anyone you put on the floor. This guy at least can score 40 points just because he feels like it.

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It was a valiant effort by the prosecution, but my ruling is in favor of the defendant, Dylan Hunter Carter. The court is adjourned.