Judge Josh: Is 34-year-old Kevin Durant worth a total Spurs overhaul?

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The Plaintiff and defendant make their cases

Here's how the arguments unfolded.

Everything started when Dylan shared the podcast story of Logan Murdock pitching Kevin Durant to San Antonio if he wants to focus solely on basketball. "I wouldn't want to trade for Kevin Durant, to be honest," replied Yarbro.

After Carter pointed out how bold of a take that was, Yarbro gave some reasons he'd be hesitant to make the deal.

"He's amazing, but he's older, seemingly always injured, and just comes with a lot of baggage," said Yarbro. "The Spurs are a rebuilding team with not enough players who have the experience required to thrive. I'm just not sure he'd even like it there."

"I respect the logic, but again, it's Kevin Durant we're talking about," replied Dylan. "I'd do whatever it takes and figure everything else out after. I wouldn't divert the rebuild for most All-Stars, but we're talking about a top-15 all-time guy and maybe one of the five most talented basketball players ever. I'd trust San Antonio's leadership to make it work."

"Brooklyn said the same thing about figuring everything else out later," said Yarbro. "I know there's more to it than just that, but not everything turns out how it's planned. A team on a great track for a very strong rebuild shouldn't take these extremely risky chances. It could set the Spurs back another half-decade."

"The Spurs could very well build for the next half-decade and have it not amount to all that much either," replied Carter. "In a vacuum, I'd totally agree with the logic that the Spurs can't risk all they've built. But I throw logic out the window when it comes to someone as great as KD. We're talking about a guy that averages nearly 30 points a game on 50/40/90 splits coming off a career-high in assists."

With all of that said, let's jump into the closing arguments, followed by my ruling.