Judge Josh: Is 34-year-old Kevin Durant worth a total Spurs overhaul?

Kevin Durant
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In a vacuum, all 30 NBA teams should want a world-class talent like Kevin Durant on their team, including the San Antonio Spurs. It's a no-brainer on paper. I mean, the guy has made 12 All-Star teams, is a two-time NBA Finals MVP, and has averaged over 27 points per game across a 14-year career.

The league doesn't operate in simple black and white though. With every massive acquisition comes a huge salary hit, potential baggage, and possible turmoil in the locker room. With someone like Kyrie Irving, you get all three. Fortunately, Durant is no Irving -- yet when I came across a disagreement happening in our Air Alamo chat room, I still found myself agreeing with both sides evenly.

The question at hand: Would it be worth the Spurs trading for Kevin Durant if the situation arose?

The topic stemmed from a recent Ringer podcast, The Void, in which writer Logan Murdock expressed how perfect of a fit Durant would be with San Antonio. It's important to note that there have been no rumors linking Kevin to the Spurs and probably won't be. After all, with Kyrie likely staying in Brooklyn for at least one more year, I'd be shocked if Durant decided to bolt.

Update: With the breaking news that Kevin Durant has requested a trade out of Brooklyn, we have decided to publish this immediately.

Still, the argument was compelling enough to make me seriously think, even if the situation is an unlikely hypothetical. After all, if a similar situation occurred down the road with another superstar player -- who knows -- maybe the Spurs' stockpile of assets could pay off in that case?

Seeing as the prosecution in any case is responsible for proving something beyond the shadow of a doubt, I'll be assigning that role to fellow Air Alamo writer, Nic Yarbro. Meanwhile, writer Dylan Hunter Carter will be the defense, responsible for defending his position that would probably be considered the more agreed-upon argument on paper.

Up next, hear the cases from the plaintiff and defendant in Yarbro v. Carter.

*Important Note: This was written prior to the San Antonio Spurs trading Dejounte Murray.*