How Wembanyama's unprecedented skillset would put Spurs' rebuild into hyperdrive

Victor Wembanyama - Levallois Met 92 v Strasbourg - LNB Pro A
Victor Wembanyama - Levallois Met 92 v Strasbourg - LNB Pro A / Aurelien Meunier/GettyImages
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We are now only one day out from the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery, where the San Antonio Spurs will have a shot at securing one of the top picks in the draft and a potential franchise-altering player. And with the draft lottery fast approaching, we dove a little deeper into Scoot Henderson after focusing on some of the less-hyped names in this class, including the Thompson twins, Jarace Walker, Cam Whitmore, and Taylor Hendricks.

By now, just about anyone that has paid attention to NBA basketball on any level has heard the name Victor Wembanyama. I'd go as far as to argue that many probably know he is the heavy favorite to be selected first overall in the upcoming 2023 NBA Draft this June. Even so, it's still worth reminding hopeful Spurs fans that, even as a bottom-three team in the league, the odds are not exactly in their favor. In fact, San Antonio only has a 14% chance of winning the lottery.

We’ve made it straightforward that we aren’t putting all of our chips on Wembanyama, and we still have to do our due diligence with our draft analysis. But the time has come to discuss Wembanyama in more depth. Fans will finally find out which team he’ll join in the coming months, and he could completely alter the landscape of the franchise if he lands on the Spurs.