How Tony Parker could be instrumental to Wembanyama adjusting to the Spurs

2014 NBA Finals - Game Five
2014 NBA Finals - Game Five / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

The first step has been secured- win the lottery- and in turn, win the Victor Wembanyama sweepstakes. The 7-foot-5 French teenager is expected to make an immediate impact for whoever selects him, and the Spurs, based on their track record, will make the correct decision to draft him. That’ll be step two.

The third step is an important one- and in my eyes needs to happen. Bring Tony Parker back as Wembanyama’s mentor. Manu Ginobili already rejoined the organization as a special advisor to basketball operations, and Tim Duncan is still in the area and involved with player development. David Robinson is around, I’ve even seen him at Missions games. They can all impart the Spurs culture to Wemby, sure.

The problem the Spurs might run into, and I’m not knocking any of those three franchise legends, is that none of them are French. I’ll use myself as an example. I'm originally from New York, and when I first moved to Texas, I wasn’t aware of the customs or general ways of life in the Lone Star State (tacos for breakfast, barbecue, the coast). It would have been great if I had a fellow New Yorker that had already experienced all those traditions to teach me. There’s more comfort there.

As with any culture, there are words, phrases, and mannerisms that can’t be replicated in another culture or language. Tony would be able to apply these concepts and help Wemby learn the ropes around here. Like Manu and Tim will be for Wemby, I too had some other “foreigners” from Maine, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania guide me, but they weren’t New Yorkers. It’s a comfort thing, and Tony will be able to translate messages much clearer than anyone else will, aside from maybe Boris Diaw.

That’s why it must be Tony. Who better to help Wemby acclimate to the United States, the San Antonio area, daily life in the NBA, and the Spurs way than Tony? Some of you reading this may not remember when the Spurs drafted a 19-year-old Frenchman in the first round all those years ago. I'd say he turned out okay for the Silver and Black.

Think of all the benefits Wembanyama could reap if Tony was to take on this role. Who better to learn from than a Hall of Famer? Tony could break language barriers and explain things better so Victor can fully understand what Gregg Popovich is preaching. I know Wemby speaks English well, but if there are any things he does not fully comprehend, Tony would be there to translate those concepts more thoroughly.

Tim had David. Tony had Tim. Wembanyama needs some guidance-he’s not even old enough to drink legally here- and Tony is just the guy to do it.

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