Heat fan gets destroyed by Spurs Twitter for nonsense NBA Finals take

LeBron James Tim Duncan
LeBron James Tim Duncan / TIMOTHY A. CLARY/GettyImages

Even fans of great teams have often played the 'what-if' game, but a recent Miami Heat fan's opinion on the 2014 NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs went a little too far.

The 'Heatles' era of Miami basketball nearly featured a threepeat on the backs of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. Fortunately for the league and people in the Alamo City, Tim Duncan and company were able to put a stop to their run for good.

Not only did the Spurs avenge their devastating 2013 NBA Finals loss, but they did so in dramatic fashion. Carrying the sting of a single shot for an entire year, the entire team played like men possessed, and the result was a historic beatdown.

The lopsided nature of the beating was so severe that even most Heat fans had to hand it to the Spurs after Game 5 mercifully ended on June 15, 2014. Still, there will always be those 'what-if' guys that have no actual solid reasoning behind their opinions.

Answering a question about a moment he'd like to change in his team's history, he decided that the 2014 Finals could've gone much differently if Dwyane Wade had been healthier at the time.

Spurs fans gather to roast the ill-advised tweet

Over three days after the original tweet went up, it tallied just a single like (from a Lakers fan, of course) and had 15 quote tweets making fun of how bad the take was. That's what you call a ratio.

I couldn't help but jump in on the action myself.

The Spurs' trouncing of the Miami Heat was historic

As many of the above tweets referenced, San Antonio's 14.5-point margin of victory across the five-game NBA Finals was a record. That has since been beaten by Golden State's 15-point margin in 2018, which was also executed against a LeBron-led squad.

There are absolutely no doubts in the minds of anyone but some Heat faithful that the Spurs were going to be crowned NBA champions in 2014 no matter what team they had to face.

For what it's worth, the three-time champion himself appeared to have the same take in 2019 -- but then again, he's talking about himself, so I can't blame him.

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The bottom line is the Miami Heat crushed the San Antonio Spurs' spirits in 2013 and were paid back with a sound beatdown a year later, and no amount of miracle healing was ever going to change that.