Heat center's reaction to Wembanyama poster dunk is right out of a sitcom

Miami Heat v San Antonio Spurs
Miami Heat v San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

Two preseason games in, and San Antonio Spurs rookie phenom Victor Wembanyama has already unleashed a series of unfathomable moves that are unlike anything we've ever seen in the NBA. His highlights are difficult to comprehend and downright comedic, something Miami Heat center Thomas Bryant had the chance to witness up close and personal last night.

That is the look of a man telepathically asking his coaches and teammates, "Was that a glitch in the Matrix?" It's how any rational human being would react when confronted by an alien who took your silly, little earthling basketball, unfurled its tentacle-like limbs, and ferociously jammed it in your grill.

What do we even call a sequence like that? Is it an extraterrestrial extracurricular? Alien slime time? A Wemby whammy? We can workshop the name at a later date.

Truthfully, Bryant's incredulous reaction after a "welcome to your Kodak moment" is understandable. He likely saw Wembanyama standing outside the restricted area meant he was merely contesting a simple hook shot from the Frenchman. Well, the veteran big man (and the rest of us) quickly learned that standard hoops physics and geometry do not apply to a creature from outer space.

It's early in the preseason, and the collective basketball world is still digesting all the eye-popping possessions we're witnessing in real time. Wembanyama combines imposing size, fluid coordination, unfettered creativity, and sublime skill into a towering frame that is difficult for us mere mortals and, apparently, seasoned pros to fully process.

Thankfully, all Spurs fans have to do is kick back and laugh as we watch utter absurdity unfold on the court in a 7-foot-3 "human" form.