Hawks fan wants Dejounte Murray so badly, he wrote fan fiction

Dejounte Murray, Trae Young
Dejounte Murray, Trae Young / Casey Sykes/GettyImages

The rumor that won't die surrounding San Antonio Spurs star Dejounte Murray got yet another boost on Sunday.

After initially reporting before the NBA Draft that the Spurs and Atlanta Hawks were in talks centered around Murray for John Collins, Jake Fischer doubled down with this tweet.

The phrasing of "a larger deal" seems to suggest a potential three-team trade may be in play, which is a new wrinkle from Fischer's initial column for Bleacher Report. Some are suggesting a potential trade in that fashion could end up with the Spurs acquiring several assets instead of Collins in return.

In any event, with each new tweet about the potential blockbuster move, Hawks fans are increasingly getting excited about adding the two-way talent to their roster. Less than an hour after Fischer's tweet, one particularly successful Hawks account painted quite an ... interesting picture.

NBA Twitter roasts the awkward tweet

Boasting credentialed reporters and over 9,500 followers on Twitter, @HawksFanTV appeared to create their own script using a picture of Trae Young and Dejounte hanging out at the 2022 NBA All-Star Game.

"Everything the light touches is our kingdom, Dejounte. Let’s run the East for the next 6 years," read Young's script. "See you in Atlanta next year," Murray "replied."

As I've come to expect, NBA Twitter couldn't resist the opportunity to poke fun at the cringey tweet.

Even others within the Hawks' fanbase couldn't help but laugh at the awkwardness of it all.

Since trade talks have been rumored, there have been some doubts as to how well a Murray-Young backcourt would actually work. After all, Young thrives with the ball in his hands and Dejounte isn't quite a floor-spacer at this point in his career.

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Still, that's not stopping some fans from creating fantasy scenarios. Whatever gets you through the day, I guess.