Air Alamo Staff Grades 3 Proposed San Antonio Spurs Trades

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San Antonio Spurs
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Bleacher Report's final trade proposal ships off Spurs' standout center Jakob Poeltl and a first-rounder for a 20-year old promising prospect, James Wiseman. "The 26-year-old center would be an upgrade over Kevon Lonney while Wiseman gets a fresh start with the Spurs," writes Swartz. "As good as Poeltl is now, Wiseman has a higher ceiling and won't be forced to produce right away like he would in Golden State."

Here's what our panel had to say about the idea:

Jonah Kubicek: " Wiseman could become a lot better than Poeltl but it’s not worth the gamble. Adding the pick makes it worse."

Ethan Farina: "I don't love the idea of giving up these assets but it’s a way to get a high ceiling player, and those don’t come around often."

Dylan Carter: "The Spurs take a swing on a potential star center, but giving up the better player and a pick isn’t ideal."

Roberto Araiza: "This one scares me, but if Spurs believe in Wiseman’s upside, then I understand this one. It may initially lead to the Spurs getting another high lottery pick too."

Cal Durrett: "Wiseman has yet to play this season and didn't look great last season. Meanwhile, Poeltl is now a top 10 center, so Golden State would likely be the one's including a first, not the Spurs, in a potential trade."

This is a tough one for me. Poeltl has been so impressive this season and really does well with this young group of talented guards. Is he a cornerstone center that absolutely can't be touched yet? Not quite, but we're not sure yet if Wiseman can be that either.

The inclusion of the first-round pick, while lottery-protected, turns me off to the idea a bit. Still, this would at least make me answer the phone if I'm the Spurs, especially if there's a chance I could land a game-changing big man in the upcoming draft.

Individual Grades: C, B, B, B, F, B

Average Grade: B