Grade the trade: Spurs help their enemy thrive in insane 3-team proposal

The San Antonio Spurs have been in trade rumors all offseason. We grade this recent three-team trade proposal featuring OKC and the Utah Jazz.
Lauri Markkanen, Tre Jones, Cedi Osman
Lauri Markkanen, Tre Jones, Cedi Osman / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

Utah Jazz power forward Lauri Markkanen is the hot name on the NBA streets days into free agency and for good reason. The skilled big man averaged 23 points and 8 rebounds per game while shooting 40% from three. He's a legit seven-foot tall, and as Spurs fans know, pairing elite skill and size together is a recipe for success. San Antonio has been in rumors suggesting interest in the big man's services—a move that would be a massive home run for GM Brian Wright.

Unfortunately, the Spurs aren't the only team in the mix for the Finnish power forward in Utah. The Golden State Warriors are reportedly the most aggressive team out of all suitors, with San Antonio in second place. The Oklahoma City Thunder have also been rumored to have interest, prompting a trade proposal from Bleacher Report's Andy Bailey that will make your stomach turn.

3 team trade Markkanen

This trade is a non starter for the Spurs

Lauri Markkanen is only 27 years old and just reached that age in May. Helping facilitate a trade for what looks to be your biggest rival for the next decade that would make them almost unbeatable for the majority of it would be one of the most ridiculous decisions in front-office history.

Oklahoma City is the only team in the league with more draft picks than San Antonio, so while the draft compensation in the draft proposal is a lot, it still doesn't deplete OKC's assets. They are coming off a spectacular season as the number one seed, boasting an MVP candidate on their roster in Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. Their roster is already deep with versatility and Shai will only get better, considering he'll only be 26 at the start of next season.

While adding Lu Dort would be great for the roster—he's a fantastic defender and knocked down the three ball at a 39% clip last season—he and Walker Kessler are not enough to convince the Spurs to build a wall right in front of their faces. The Boston Celtics just showed the world how impactful it is when you can play with five out, while the Spurs would be helping the Thunder replicate that model.

It would be better for the Spurs to follow the lead of the Celtics and add another big or wing player with size who can space the floor for Wemby. They need another big who can bring versatility on both sides of the ball to maximize the roster's potential. Helping the Thunder build a powerhouse does not do that. This trade is a terrible idea that San Antonio should laugh at if ever propositioned seriously. The only reason this isn't an F is because the picks the Spurs would send out aren't devastating.

Grade: D-