Grade the trade: Spurs find veteran point guard in silly trade proposal

The San Antonio Spurs need a point guard and this trade proposal lands them one in a deal with the Portland Trail Blazers for Malcolm Brogdon.
Devin Vassell, Malcolm Brogdon
Devin Vassell, Malcolm Brogdon / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

One of the worst-kept secrets in the NBA is the San Antonio Spurs' need for a premium point guard to slide in next to Victor Wembanyama. As much as everyone believes in the 7'4 sensation, nobody can do it alone. That's never been the case. When you have a dominant big man, it's ideal to pair a dynamic guard with him. Top-tier floor generals make the game easier for everyone and can make defenses pay when they try to load up on Victor.

The upgrade options for that position are endless for San Antonio. The intrigue surrounding Wembanyama has had the NBA trade machine working overtime, as everyone is either trying to predict or suggest which way the Spurs should move. The latest trade proposal aimed at the elephant in the room comes from Bleacher Report.

Malcolm Brogdon trade

The Spurs should not entertain this trade for multiple reasons

Malcolm Brogdon is a fine player. If this were five years ago, that would be a different story, but Brogdon is going on 32 this year. The Spurs are in the market for a point guard closer in age to Wembanyama so they can grow and wreck the league together for the foreseeable future. A player over 10 years Victor's senior does not align with that vision, and his 41% three-point shooting percentage, while enticing, is not enough to ignore that.

The big man exchange is enough to laugh Portland's GM off the phone if he ever dared to propose such a swap. San Antonio is dealing with health issues with their backup center already. Charles Bassey has that role on lockdown. Williams has had one healthy season in six years. He's played a total of 215 games, which averages to about 3 1/2 seasons in street clothes. There is zero incentive to add $12–13 million per year to the roster on a contract with two years left. No, thank you.