Grade the Trade: Spurs' leap into three-team deal could solve two problems

Jonas Valanciunas, New Orleans Pelicans and Zach Collins, San Antonio Spurs
Jonas Valanciunas, New Orleans Pelicans and Zach Collins, San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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The San Antonio Spurs already made the defining move of their offseason. Winning the NBA Draft Lottery gave them a shot at an all-time prospect, and as of last Thursday Victor Wembanyama is officially a member of the Spurs, for now and hopefully the rest of his career.

That doesn't mean there aren't still moves to make. The Spurs don't have any incentive to keeping around massive gobs of cap space beyond the start of the season, so they should look to put it to good use. They also have at least one free agent to bring back in Tre Jones, and a few veteran players that will get looks from other teams in trade offers.

The Spurs have two primary problems

San Antonio has no incentive to rush things as Wembanyama comes along, but their roster as currently constructed does have two big problems. Zach Collins, Khem Birch and Charles Bassey make up the current center rotation, and while Collins has resurrected his career in San Antonio the team could use someone else with size down low. Perhaps Bassey becomes that player, but the Spurs have reportedly been searching for a veteran center to start alongside Wembanyama.

The other big need is at point guard. Tre Jones is a fine caretaker, but the Spurs don't have a reliable table-setter for the minutes when Jones is off the court. They could make a big swing (names like Chris Paul and Damian Lillard have been mentioned) but more likely they're looking for a veteran to come in and help Wembanyama develop by getting him the ball in advantage situations.

One recent bit of reporting could lead to the Spurs killing two birds with one stone. How can San Antonio address a need at center and at point guard in one swing? Let's lay out a three-team trade that brings it all together.

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