Grade the Mock Trade: Spurs get center insurance and help Trail Blazers breathe

San Antonio Spurs v Portland Trail Blazers
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Would the Spurs say yes?

The Bosnian Beast has forged an impressive career in the NBA, but he is no longer the dominant post presence he was in his mid-20s. Though he could still supply the Spurs value as a reliable playmaking hub and a devastating screener, his questionable floor spacing and inability to defend in space on the perimeter create more problems than solutions for a team that is heading toward a modern approach.

San Antonio would also be on the hook to pay Nurkic roughly $54.4 million in guarateed money over the next three years, which is a hefty sum for an aging player that doesn't necessarily fit the mold of where the league is heading. The soon-to-be 29-year-old will be paid like the 14th best center in the association, and the Spurs might have a tough time moving him to another club if things go south.

General Manager Brian Wright has hinted that the franchise will use year one of the Wembanyama experience to evaluate the roster, with calculated moves coming in the following summers. Saying yes to a uninspiring deal that doesn't move the needle or set up future success is perhaps the last thing the Spurs should do. Roll the dice on Bassey, Mamu, and Barlow, and see how they pan out.

Grade: C-

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