Gilbert Arenas guns for worst take ever with Manu Ginobili comments

Gilbert Arenas
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The upside of the new digital media age is that NBA fans get a chance to have unprecedented access to the opinions of some of their favorite stars. Unfortunately, that can often be a downside as well. On Thursday, even Manu Ginobili's birthday couldn't save San Antonio Spurs fans from being triggered by a horrific take from former All-Star Gilbert Arenas.

Since he played his way out of the league in 2012, the former Most Improved Player has often been seen giving wild takes and opinions that no one would ever expect from a former NBA player. In 2017, he was discussing the most overrated current NBA players and came locked and loaded with a ridiculous answer.

"He's not a two-way player," said Arenas. "He's not shutting down anyone. He got the MVP for shutting down LeBron James, but he averaged 28 a game. How did you shut that man down?"

Arenas continued with a few more insane comments that you can watch below. Be warned that there's NSFW language, but that might be the least offensive part of this loaded clip.

Arenas takes aim at Spurs legend Manu Ginobili

On Tuesday, Arenas decided to put down Ginobili's career to prop up some guys with more of a streetball, one-on-one style of game.

"It's hard to convince me that Ginobili was individually better than Jamal Crawford. We'll look at their resume and say 'he's got five rings.' Alright, let them play one-on-one. Who are you taking? I'm going to take Jamal, so he's the better player. That's how I value it."

While I understand where Arenas could be coming from by saying Crawford could possibly take Manu one-on-one, that's about the only bit that could make sense. Jamal will always be one of the best ball-handlers and shot-creators the game has ever seen. That said, using that as a criteria for who the best overall player is just blows my mind.

"Can Ginobili say he's better than Lou Williams as a sixth man?" continued Arenas. "He's not [in the] top five [of] best sixth men of all time."

If you watched the first clip about Kawhi Leonard, you already saw that Arenas appears to put all of his criteria for greatness on scoring numbers and streetball capability. Meanwhile, I have a feeling even the man himself, Jamal Crawford, wouldn't be that lazy with his analysis.

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It's unclear why Gilbert so often has targeted the Spurs in his crosshairs, but it's safe to say he's been shooting blanks every time he's tried to talk about them.