Getting to know the 3 most instrumental assistant coaches on the Spurs

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3.) Matthew Nielsen

Boomers basketball legend Mathew Nielsen is no stranger to winning at the highest level. He secured three NBL championships in four years as an assistant with the Perth Wildcats, helped the Australian National Team take home a Bronze Medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, and collected two more rings in the NBA as a bonafide superstar for the Sydney Kings during his playing days.

Though most of his accolades are from a league outside the United States, that doesn't diminish the fact he is a highly decorated athlete and leader. Basketball, is basketball, is basketball. At their core, San Antonio has someone familiar with what it takes to excel playing on the court or leading from the sidelines. As an international success story, Nielsen is a perfect fit for a Spurs organization with an unmatched track record of developing foreign-born prospects.

There was no better place for a generational prospect like Victor Wembanyama to begin his career. The San Antonio Spurs have experienced personnel well-equipped to guide this young squad. We often hear basketball is a team sport, but that phrase includes more than the players on the hardwood and trickles down to the water boy. If this franchise has its sights set on a championship, the winningest head coach of all time has some phenomenal backup to make the journey.


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