Getting to know the 3 most instrumental assistant coaches on the Spurs

Orlando Magic v San Antonio Spurs
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2.) Mitch Johnson

Mitch Johnson is an up-and-coming coaching talent with a knack for forging successful relationships with the youngsters on San Antonio's roster. He spent four years at Stanford, played three seasons in the G League, and has been through the same grind as the gentlemen he coaches. Johnson started his coaching career with the Austin Spurs on their player development staff, an affiliate system most players filter through as a rite of passage when they arrive in the 2-1-0.

With so many diverse personalities in the NBA, having leadership that your players gravitate toward is essential to a successful organization. At 36 years old, Johnson is closer in age to the younger Spurs than anyone else on the coaching staff. This unique dynamic can facilitate a culture of understanding. With understanding comes respect, and with respect comes the ability to collaborate effectively. The longtime assistant shared a special connection with Dejounte Murray that kickstarted his career.

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