Fierce superstar flips teams with Jeremy Sochan in proposed mega-deal

A recent trade proposal from Bleacher Report has the San Antonio Spurs making a blockbuster deal with the Miami Heat, involving Jeremy Sochan.
Cedi Osman, Gregg Popovich, Victor Wembanyama
Cedi Osman, Gregg Popovich, Victor Wembanyama / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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The proposed deal

The Miami Heat have experienced a lot of success lately, but it's always been an odd road for them. They have dealt with major injuries repeatedly over the last few years and underperformed during the regular season. Despite that, when the lights come on in the playoffs, they've stepped up and gone on long playoff runs, leading all the way to the NBA Finals.

This season, the boys in South Beach made the playoffs again but this time, Jimmy Butler couldn't suit up. As a result, they were bounced in five games by the Boston Celtics. After their lackluster season ended with a thud, Miami's GM Pat Riley, made comments directed at Butler that would raise the eyebrows of the NBA world. Immediately, speculation began on whether the 34-year-old forward would be in their long-term plans.

The writer of this deal acknowledged the appeal of taking things slow for San Antonio, but as mentioned previously, taking things slow with an elite player on your roster doesn't sound like what a good organization does.

Butler to Spurs trade

A deal like this automatically changes San Antonio from a bottom feeder to a contender. But taking a step back, there is a little too much being given away in this deal for an aging star. Especially when you're including Jeremy Sochan, who the Spurs love. That doesn't mean the idea is a bad one; it just needs to be adjusted. The 2024 eighth draft pick is the most valuable and Miami would likely require that be a part of the deal. That's fine, but either the 2027 or 2029 pick needs to stay.

Both of those picks belong to the Spurs. As a result of what everyone expects to be a meteoric rise from Victor Wembanyama and San Antonio, those selections won't likely hold a ton of value. That doesn't mean you just give them all away in one deal, though. There will be many more transactions taking place over the years, so asset management is of the utmost importance.

PAFTO would still be able to draft a point guard like Reed Dillingham or Reed Sheppard. After a career year from three for Butler, the Spurs would be rolling out a much more dangerous lineup that can score both from the outside and inside in a myriad of ways. Jimmy has shown his guts in several playoff series, and his veteran leadership, paired with his resolve in big moments, would be massive for this young team.