FanSided NBA Mock Draft: Spurs snag franchise player, Wemby lands in East

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Scoot Henderson
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player. . G League Ignite. Scoot Henderson. . Guard. 3. 29

The Spurs and their fans would be delighted to see Scoot Henderson fall into their laps with the third overall pick if this is how the 2023 NBA Draft plays out in a little over a month. Most scouts have hailed the 19-year-old point guard as the second-best prospect in this stacked class, and he fits what San Antonio is looking for as the next face of their franchise.

This roster lacked self-creators who scored off the dribble and generated advantages for their teammates, leaving them dependent on every player executing their duties to perfection to produce decent shots. But Scoot is the definition of a game-breaking athlete, and his superb playmaking and effortless ability to get buckets would open a world of possibilities. — Noah Magaro-George, Air Alamo