FanSided NBA Mock Draft: Spurs snag franchise player, Wemby lands in East

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Jordan Hawkins
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Guard. player. . . Connecticut. Jordan Hawkins. 11. 38

My top priority for the Orlando Magic in this year’s draft is to come away with a shooter. Whether that comes from a trade or by making a pick, the Magic need to find shooting to add to their team and support the young players they are growing in the roster.

There are quite a few interesting shooters. Having taken a high-upside swing with the first pick in this mock draft, I go with someone who feels like a sure thing.

That is why I turn toward an upperclassmen like Jordan Hawkins. He shows he can shoot on the move and hit from deep. UConn runs a very NBA-style offense. And he slots in as someone who is going to contribute in a bench role immediately. — Philip Rossman-Reich, Orlando Magic Daily