Dynamic player the Spurs should trade for not named Trae Young

There has been a lot of Trae Young trade talk around the San Antonio Spurs but there are other roster spots that need to be filled.
Gregg Popovich
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The San Antonio Spurs have had their name in the rumor mill for much of the season. It is unusual for the franchise to be the center of so many discussions but that is what happens when you draft a generational talent. In some ways, the fault lies with the number-one overall pick, Victor Wembanyama himself. By exceeding expectations so sensationally, he has pulled the NBA spotlight to the home of the Riverwalk.

The result of the spotlight is a countrywide conversation about what the Spurs should or should not be doing. A widely encouraged sentiment would have a trade for Trae Young come together and several outlets have reported on the tangible possibility of a deal being struck.

San Antonio fans have been at odds with each other about this proposed transaction, with many uncertain of how Young would fit in the Spurs rotation. But too much focus has been put on "Ice" Trae. But what about filling out the roster with players that can impact winning? This is the NBA's youngest team and their inconsistent play serves as a routine reminder of that fact.

After looking through the free agent class of 2025, one name stood out as a possible trade candidate this offseason in hopes of acquiring a strong veteran presence.

Alex Caruso automatically adds something to Spurs culture

Caruso's status as a 2025 free agent makes him prime fodder for trade. The Bulls are still trying to figure out how to move off of Zach Lavine after an inability to find a trade partner at the deadline. They are in a state of uncertainty, increasing the chances that the defensive-minded guard could be wrestled from their grip.

It will likely take a bit more to acquire him than the average bench player but that is because he is not your average bench player. Caruso built himself a career in the NBA as a coveted player on the legs of a two-way contract. He won a championship with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2020 and developed a reputation as a game-changer. Clutch steals and big shots have become the expectation for the former Texas A&M Aggie. He shoots 39% from three and is a hard-nosed player.

Spurs General Manager Brian Wright may have his hands full if he decides to go after Caruso. The Bulls know what they have in him, making it clear to NBA teams they had no interest in parting with Alex while shopping Lavine before the deadline.

While that may suggest they wouldn't make a trade, teams change their minds all the time and if they opt for a rebuild, keeping Caruso would not make sense. A rebuilding direction for Chicago would be optimal for San Antonio, whose assortment of assets would allow them to emerge as a top-tier potential trade partner.